Seymour Mayne

Seymour Mayne (Seymour Mayne born in 1944 in Montreal, Canada), a poet Jewish - Kennedy say the English, translator, editor, teacher and lecturer.

Seymour Mayne is the second generation of the most prominent poets of Jewish-Canadians in the English language, the best known is Leonard Cohen. Learn and raised in Montreal. He completed his studies at McGill University and the University of BritishColumbia. Is a professor of English and for English literature at the University of Ottawa. As a child he heard speaking in Yiddish and Yiddish poetry later translated into English. Translation of the song of Abraham Sutskever bought him many fans.

Sort writing poetry personally modern, ranging from his native Canada and the tradition of English culture and Judaism and its Zionism, fierce attachment to the Jewish languages, the Hebrew and Yiddish. In the eighties tried Seymour Mayne hold on the country, and stayed in Jerusalem with his family for over a year, hoping to teach Canadian culture center at the Hebrew University. Things I could not manage and he had to return to Canada and his servant Ottawa.

Seymour Mayne is a prolific translator of poets translated into English. Is a multi-linguist, translated from Yiddish, Hebrew, Spanish and Polish. He has also published nearly fifty volumes of poetry, translations of poetry, children's poetry and memoirs. Among the books also edited the volume "Jerusalem, an anthology of Jewish-Canadian poetry." The notable book Poem unknown Leonard Cohen's "Isaiah".

  • Among other things, translated from Yiddish to English selection of songs Abraham Sutskever. Burnt Pearls, Ghetto Poems, was published in Canada, in 1981.
  • As well as a selection of songs Melech Ravitch, Zachary Bergner - named Night Prayer, published in Canada, in 1993.
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